1. What are you currently studying?

    Well I study in "sprints". This sprint is all about diving deep in Kubernetes and Bash Scripting at the moment.
  2. What have you learned so far?

    That deep diving into Kubernetes is like finding a cave and not realizing you've been exploring for decades because it feels like a few days.
  3. How many hours a week do you dedicate to learning?

    Too many to count. I think with this field you will ALWAYS be learning.
  4. What devices/tools do you use for studying?

    2 Dell Monitors
    Elgato Key Light
    iPad Pro 10.5 64GB
    Apple Pencil
    GoodNotes 4
    Concepts App
    Duet Display
    Papermate InkJoy pens
    Zebra MildLiner markers
    Staedtler Pens
    Post-it flags
    Post-it recycled sticky notes
    Printer and lots of paper
    Productivity Planner
  5. Why didn’t you create your own website and why are you using Hashnode?

    I wanted something quick and easy to deploy and this platform allowed me to do that. It is simple, clean, and allows me to showcase my journey without much effort. Maybe in the future I will code my own site but for right now, this works for me. It is also important to support other developers who make life a little easier. I hope you understand.