Who am I? ❀


I am so glad you want to learn about me!

My name is Diamond and I am learning all there is to know about SRE. I am an Associate Application Developer specialized in DevSecOps/SRE. My journey to tech is a long one filled with lots of twists and turns but i'll make it short. I joined the tech world as an apprentice after leaving my past industry looking for a way to drive my curiosity and break into tech. My motto is.... If you want it enough, don't give up. Find a way to make it happen.

I have a passion for learning and combining creativity, imagination, and amazing solutions. I tend to share what I learn primarily on twitter. Community is very big to me, as I believe we are better as 1, than by ourselves.

What are my career goals? Wow I'm glad you asked. I want to be a well rounded developer at the moment. I am still new in my career, so my main focus is to make sure I am effectively providing value.

My hobby tech interests at the moment lie in cloud, quantum, and blockchain. I believe these will be combined in the future, but who knows.

Thanks for reading ! ❀